Please use our simple guide for measuring you head. By taking some time to take your measurements you will make sure that your hat fits as comfortably as possible.

Head measuring for customs made hats

Then simply select your prefered size:

Extra Small 54cm - 55cm
Small 56cm - 57cm
Medium 58cm - 59cm
Large 60cm - 61cm
Extra Large 62cm - 63cm

"Stitched in Inspiration" Unraveling the Tapestry of My Creative Journey, Rooted in the Wisdom Passed Down by Mom

Its just always been there – SEWING  !!   I remember even as a really small child,  with just about enough height to see over the table I watched my mum sew.   All our clothes back then were handmade by her,
with such love and care and I know that she poured not only all her love but her creativity into making them for us.   A washing line of pure handmade colour is a memory a lot of neighbours hold from back then. She certainly passed on that joy to me and a sewing machine has always featured in my life ever since !  

With a love for hats too, I set about making a collection of 1920s inspired hats back in 2012, which has grown over a number of years to 12 designs.    

A new addition for 2024 , is my ‘ linings of love ‘ option, a printed lining, with inspired messages to remind you to ‘ believe in yourself’ or remember that ‘ you are unique ‘ each time you pop your hat on as you look in the mirror  !